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An IT Project Manager is expected to manage a given project with the goal of completing on both budget and time. However, if you don’t provide a successful outcome, regardless of money and budget, your project usually will be a flop.  If you do go over budget – and must to be successful, then the decision needs to be made how to proceed, whether to redefine success, or pony up more money, resources and/or time to complete the project. Project Managers have to be comfortable stating their case or reviewing their work with senior leadership to figure out the right directions to take.  They must also be able to communicate the plan and get everyone heading in the right direction.  Ultimately the PM is responsible for the success/failure of a project and the fiscal impact of the specific endeavor they’re managing.

Variance from the expected timeline and budget should be clearly documented through a Change Management Process. The IT Project Manager (oftentimes called the “PM”), is responsible for this process , which includes: documenting and explaining changes, obtaining approval before the team proceeds with the change, and tracking the work associated with the change.

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Who would be a good fit for this career?

Although many positions in the IT field are a better fit for individuals who enjoy working independently, IT Project Management jobs are a good fit for those who enjoy working with others. PMs must be effective communicators and very organized individuals. They must have good time management skills as well as making sure each project is completed on time. If you are the type of person who loves technology but thrives on working with others, this field may be a perfect fit for you.

How to Become an IT Project Manager

Typically, individuals are not hired immediately upon graduation into an IT project management role. They usually start out in some other IT specialty, like software development or web design, just to name a few, and eventually work their way into a project management role. It is important for those who aspire to be IT project managers to acquire as many of a variety of IT skills as possible, so they are one day able to be elevated into a project management role and fully understand all the roles played by members of an IT team.

If your goal is to become an IT project manager, a four year degree in IT is important. There are specific degrees offered in IT project management you can explore as well. Also, gaining any experience prior to your first job in IT, such as internships or even volunteer work, are beneficial.

Day in the Life of an IT Project Manager

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