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More and more companies today are adding IT Project Managers to their mix of technology team. The bottom line is that by having an effective IT Project Manager, it ends up saving the company valuable time and resources. The goal of a Technology PM is to ensure deadlines are followed and projects come out on or under budget. These individuals serve as the liaison between the various IT employees (web developers, web designers, database administrators, network administrators, etc).

Individuals who would succeed in this role are those who enjoy working with technology and also work well with people, are effective communicators, highly organized, have a good eye for detail, and excellent time management skills.

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Most IT Project Management courses focus on the following topics:

  • Development of enterprise information systems
  • Management of projects
  • Development teams
  • Development of network design
  • Development of an implementation plan
  • Understanding networking models and protocols
  • Create and manage databases
  • Use object-oriented programming concepts to create applications
  • Explain the software development lifecycle
  • Research and select new technologies for use in information systems
  • Identify and analyze current challenges, opportunities, trends, and challenges in IT

Common courses required for IT Project Management Programs, include:

  • Principles of Project Management
  • Technical Project Leadership, Management, and Communication
  • Quality Management for IT Projects
  • Database Design and Implementation
  • Enterprise Network Design
  • Object-Oriented Application Development
  • Information Systems
  • Strategic Information Management


IT Project Management training is for those individuals who implement and manage projects and systems in an organization.

Project Management Certificates typically focus on:

  • Equipping professionals with the necessary skills to manage projects of varying sizes and degrees of complexity through successful team and project leadership.
  • Preparing students for the nationally-recognized Project Manager Professional (PMP) certifying examination granted by the Project Management Institute.

IT Project Manager Salaries

According to, the average IT Project Manager salary in the United States is $73,000. The exact salary for Technology Project Managers depends on a variety of factors, including geographic location, years of experience, and level of education. The IT Project Manager is expected to manage a given project with the goal of completing it both on budget and time. Variance from the expected timeline and budget should be clearly documented through a Change Management process.

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Salaries by State

IT Project Managers, like most professions, range depending on geographic location. Some states pay better salaries in this profession than others. The below information comes from and gives averages for IT project managers in each state. These averages of course do not reflect every IT project manager job in the state and there are positions that pay greater or less than the figures given. Some college grads are willing to relocate, or even welcome the idea, so having the ability to compare salaries in this field across all states can be very helpful.

Alabama : $79,000
Alaska : $68,000
Arizona : $63,000
Arkansas : $78,000
California : $72,000
Colorado : $65,000
Connecticut : $79,000
Delaware : $71,000
District of Columbia : $87,000
Florida : $69,000
Georgia : $80,000
Hawaii : $55,000
Idaho : $62,000
Illinois : $76,000
Indiana : $70,000
Iowa : $71,000
Kansas : $66,000
Kentucky : $65,000
Louisiana : $71,000
Maine : $53,000
Maryland : $78,000
Massachusetts : $83,000
Michigan : $74,000
Minnesota : $66,000
Mississippi : $80,000
Missouri : $72,000
Montana : $54,000
Nebraska : $67,000
Nevada : $68,000
New Hampshire : $62,000
New Jersey : $80,000
New Mexico : $88,000
New York : $86,000
North Carolina : $73,000
North Dakota : $69,000
Ohio : $72,000
Oklahoma : $68,000
Oregon : $73,000
Pennsylvania : $70,000
Rhode Island : $72,000
South Carolina : $61,000
South Dakota : $66,000
Tennessee : $72,000
Texas : $70,000
Utah : $62,000
Vermont : $66,000
Virginia : $83,000
Washington : $71,000
West Virginia : $87,000
Wisconsin : $57,000
Wyoming : $85,000

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