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Become a Java Developer

Sun Microsystems developed Java as a computer language that could run on any operating system and that could be utilized to create animated “applets” or small applications that run while embedded in a web page.  Java was also offered as an open source programming language, providing the codes that individual developers needed to create variations on Java programs and write programs of their own.

Today the use of Java has expanded beyond applets to far greater functionality for both web page use and within new software applications that include Java features.  For years, C++ was the computer language of choice for developing animated features on a Windows platform.  For some uses, Java has replaced C++ or at least is used as a reasonable alternative.

Java is a critical tool for the computer programmer who wants to be versatile; who wants to be able to construct web pages; work in animation; and develop multimedia presentations for advertising use.  Programmers can take certification courses that provide a basic proficiency in Java development.  People who have the time and luxury of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in software development or a related field will encounter Java during the core course work.

However someone with a little code-writing experience who wants a quick path to more responsible software related jobs, a course or courses in Java is an efficient choice.  There are levels of Java certification and levels of training classes that can be found at a number of online colleges.  You can learn Java on your own PC (or Mac) provided you’ve got the RAM and memory.  If you’re already involved in software adaptation, the chances are good that you’ve got an excellent system at home for distance learning.

all tech schools

Salaries with Java Degrees

Average annual earnings with Java Degrees in May 2004.

  • Lowest 10 % earned $36,470
  • Median $62,890
  • Highest 10% earned $99,610

Related occupations with Java Degrees:

  • Software publishers $73,060
  • Computer systems design and related services 67,600
  • Data processing, hosting, and related services 64,540
  • Insurance carriers 62,990
  • Management of companies and enterprises 62,160