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The Information Technology field has been overshadowed in recent years by a compelling need for increased security.  Identity theft has become a major problem; the theft and use of credit card numbers has soared with the development of a retail marketplace on the Internet.  Those issues are the tip of the iceberg and information technology security specialists are in high demand.

Most IT security professionals have obtained a bachelors’ degree in the field with a specialization in security.  Computer security specialists may plan and implement their organization’s information security; that may include teaching office employees about the nature of computer security and what steps the end user can take to help maintain security.  Information security technologists may install security software and set it up to function on a corporate or business network.

A professional in information technology security may also monitor the network for security breaches and in the event of some sort of virus, theft or other cyber attack, take charge of coordinating the response.  Computer security specialists have become increasingly important due to the increase in sophisticated theft schemes that begin with a hacker accessing a database of credit card or bank account numbers.

Many of the losses of databases or portions of them have been the result of carelessness on an employee’s part.  In situations where the data disk in question may have been stolen or may simply have been lost, an information security specialist is responsible for locking down the source of the missing data and trying to find a way to render that data harmless.  It can be a high pressure and thankless challenge.

all tech schools

Salaries with Information Technology Security Degrees

Average annual earnings with Information Technology Security Degrees in May 2004.

  • Lowest 10 % earned $36,260
  • Median $60,600
  • Highest 10% earned $95,040

Related occupations with Information Technology Security Degrees:

  • Wired telecommunications carriers $65,130
  • Insurance carriers 64,660
  • Management of companies and enterprises 64,170
  • Computer systems design and related services 63,910
  • Local government 52,30