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The Healthcare Management and Information Systems Society researched the salary within the nursing informatics field and found the median salary was $96,000. A year. However BLS in 2010 is showing an annual mean of $35,010 for Medical Records / Health Information Technician. The salary for this line of work can vary based on factors such as the type of organization an individual is employed, years of experience, level of education, and amount of managerial duties assigned. Broken down by geographical region Health informaiton Technicians salary broken up into regions vary.

Northwest Region: $55,997 average salary
Southwest Region: $72,280 average salary
North Central Region: $55,265 average salary
South Central Region: $56,983 average salary
Northeast Region: $64,233 average salary
Southeast Region: $61,992 average salary

There is also a great degree of difference in salary based on where a person is located geographically. Respondents of this survey who live in New England, as well as Mid-Atlantic regions typically earned higher salaries than those living in the Western regions. Health informatics professionals in the Western Regions tended to earn a salary of $60,000 or less.

Along with geographic location, another factor that plays a role in the salary of nursing informatics professionals is whether an individual works in a hospital or a vendor organization. Most nursing informatics professionals working in vendor organizations earn $75,000 or more. Those who work in a hospital or health systems typically make less than those working for private vendor organizations.

Another large factor that determines the salary of nursing informatics professionals is the amount of managerial responsibilities involved in the job. Those who manage more employees typically make more money than those who manager just one or two employees.

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Salaries by State

Health Informatics jobs tend to be one of the highest paying IT jobs across all states. There is a huge need for professionals in this field, and companies and hospitals are willing to pay huge salaries to get qualified individuals in these roles. While in many states these individuals make in the triple digits, in all states they at least make close to that. Salaries for these individuals vary by geographic location. The information below breaks down, by state, the average salaries for health/nursing informaticists. Keep in mind, these numbers are only an average and donít represent all nursing informatics positions in that state. These figures were derived from

Position Hourly Mean Annual Mean
National Health Information Technician $16.83 $35,010
National Healthcare Informatics - $61,125 2010

Percentile 10% 25% 50% 75% 90%
Hourly Wage $10.21 $12.29 $15.55 $20.27 $25.69
Annual Wage $21,240 $25,570 $32,350 $42,170 $53,430 2010

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