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Florida is full of retirees and an ageing population that makes healthcare to be of prime concern for this state. The field of health and nursing informatics is especially important because it facilitates the communication of accurate and efficient healthcare treatment between physicians and healthcare givers.

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Reliable documentation, especially in Florida, that supports a large number of senior citazens is a major concern. The primary way healthcare providers communicate with each other is through notes in the patientís files. There is a lot of room for human error in interpretation, difficult handwriting, time constraints, etc., that can negatively effect a patientís care. Investing in a trained health and nursing informatics is a huge benefit for the accuracy and efficiency of a medical office or hospital. This could also go a long way towards protecting the employer against liability in this day and age where mistakes are not taken lightly.

Florida Health Informatics Salary | Florida Nursing Informatics Salary:

The sunshine state boasts beautiful weather, high quality of living, and ample positions available in the healthcare field. There are numerous routes to acquiring the education and experience needed to enter the field of health and nursing informatics, with the only challenge being deciding which route is best for you. Salaries for this profession remain high and a career in nursing informatics in Florida should provide you with a high quality of living.

A list of average Florida Nursing Informatics / Health Informatics salaries is available below:

Position Hourly Mean Annual Mean
Florida Health Information Technician $16.28 $33,860

BLS.gov 2010

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