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Healthcare is a very important topic in congress and throughout our nation today and the increases quality and availability of healthcare is on the forefront of everybody’s mind. Kansas is proactive in conforming to the government’s push towards increased electronic medical documentation and the field of health and nursing informatics is growing steadily in response to this.

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If you are currently a nurse or healthcare provider in Kansas, there could be many opportunities for you to expand your career into the field of health and nursing informatics. Informatics is growing to meet the demand for professionals that are multitalented in the fields of patient care and technology and facilitate the implementation of electronic medical documentation. This movement is supported by the US Government and is an action to improve the level of efficiency of healthcare available. As a nursing informatics professional in this field, you will be a part of helping people and ultimately helping to lower prices for medical care.

Kansas Health Informatics Salary | Kansas Nursing Informatics Salary:

Typically, working conditions in health and nursing informatics in Kansas do not involve much patient interaction. The informaticist is most concerned with the design and implementation of software that increases the reliability and efficiency of medical documentation using electronic methods. A person with people skills, combined with technological skills, may be hirable as a trainer and work with introducing healthcare providers to the latest technology in health and nursing informatics.

A list of average Kansas Nursing Informatics / Health Informatics salaries is available below:

Position Hourly Mean Annual Mean
Kansas Health Information Technician $15.28 $31,790

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