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Louisiana Nursing Informatics | Health Informatics Employment Outlook:

Louisiana is an excellent choice for a place to study and begin a career in Health and Nursing Informatics. There are many avenues of education and clinical experience available to meet the needs of prospective nursing informatics degree or certification seekers. There are many opportunities for the professional in this field as the Federal Government continues its push towards uniform medical documentation that can be easily shared between healthcare providers.

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Health informatics and nursing informatics specialists in Louisiana are increasingly important in bridging the gap between the IT department and clinicians to create a symbiotic relationship that takes into account the reality of healthcare processes and ease of assimilation of new technological practices into the healthcare process. This field has been on the steady rise for the past ten years and this trend is expected to increase as the Federal Government continues its support and push for the implementation of electronic medical documentation nationwide.

Louisiana Health Informatics Salary | Louisiana Nursing Informatics Salary:

Salaries in the field of health and nursing informatics are substantial and while there is a lot of clinical experience that is necessary to enter this field, your efforts will be monetarily rewarded. You will also be rewarded in your ability to really help people receive the medical treatment that they need and deserve. Louisiana offers its professionals in this field a high quality of life and a rewarding career.

A list of average Louisiana Nursing Informatics / Health Informatics salaries is available below:

Position Hourly Mean Annual Mean
Louisiana Health Information Technician $14.00 $29,120

BLS.gov 2010

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