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Maine Nursing Informatics | Health Informatics Employment Outlook:

Maine is a state with a lot to offer the student of health and nursing informatics. This field combines the two professions of technology and healthcare to provide an increased efficiency and accuracy for medical documentation and patient care communication, therefore improving the quality and ability of healthcare professionals to provide enhanced treatment and diagnosis to their patients. This is a crucial position to hold, as this country pays increasing attention to our healthcare issues.

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As a health or nursing informatics professional in Maine, you will be skilled in the intersection of technology and healthcare to provide tools for drastically increasing the level of accuracy and efficiency in medical documentation. This is crucial in facilitating error-free communication between healthcare providers and streamlining patient care so that affordable and quality healthcare can be a reality of this nation. So often patients are misdiagnosed or valuable time and money is spent repeating tests and procedures that if the proper training and documentation tools were in place, this could be avoided, leaving more resources to provide the level of patient care so needed in the United States today. As a nursing or health informatics specialist in Maine, you could have a rewarding career and contribute to this improvement.

Maine Health Informatics Salary | Maine Nursing Informatics Salary:

Maine is a beautiful state and the living and working conditions as a health professional are very high. The careers of health and nursing informatics professionals have a promising outlook and the level of training and experience required to obtain the needed skill set to be successful in this field are greatly rewarded monetarily.

A list of average Maine Nursing Informatics / Health Informatics salaries is available below:

Position Hourly Mean Annual Mean
Maine Health Information Technician $15.30 $31,830 2010

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Maine:

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