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Today the issue of healthcare reform is among the top concerns of our nation. Congress is attempting to devise a plan that will greatly improve the quality and availability of healthcare available. The state of Nebraska is cooperating with the Federal Government to move towards electronic medical documentation, and as a result there is a high demand for professionals trained in the field of health and nursing informatics in Nebraska.

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There are many routes available to the person interested in entering the field of health and nursing informatics in Nebraska. If you are an experienced nurse with many years spent in the field, you can very likely attend a certification course in the area of informatics that you are most suited for and from there, market yourself for an informatics position. If you are newer in the healthcare field, you should seriously consider one of the four-year bachelors or masters programs available to best prepare you for your new career.

Nebraska Health Informatics Salary | Nebraska Nursing Informatics Salary:

A career in health and nursing informatics in Nebraska is both challenging and rewarding, as it combines the fields of technology and healthcare. The training can be intensive and time spent gathering the necessary clinical experience can be lengthy, but a career in this field could be lucrative and provide a trained professional with a comfortable lifestyle.

A list of average Nebraska Nursing Informatics / Health Informatics salaries is available below:

Position Hourly Mean Annual Mean
Nebraska Health Information Technician $16.50 $34,320 2010

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