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New Hampshire Nursing Informatics | New Hampshire Health Informatics

New Hampshire Nursing Informatics | Health Informatics Employment Outlook:

As the world becomes more and more dependant on technology, it is now common and a good idea to incorporate technology training into whatever education course you are in. The state of New Hampshire encourages this and one of the fields that result from the addition of technology is health and nursing informatics. This is a rapidly growing field with many positions open in New Hampshire and nationwide.

new hampshire nursing informatics schools

In the past, the largest obstacle to streamlined and accurate healthcare has been human error. Handwritten documentation of diagnosis and treatment has been the norm, taking valuable time away from direct healthcare provider/patient interaction and creating much space for miscommunication between healthcare providers. The amount of money and time spent on redundant procedures has prevented low-cost, quality healthcare from being a reality. With the implementation of accurate and efficient electronic medical documentation, the possibilities of improving patient care are endless. As a health and nursing informatics specialist you will be in the position of providing this opportunity.

New Hampshire Health Informatics Salary | New Hampshire Nursing Informatics Salary:

The educated and capable health and nursing informatics professional in New Hampshire will be greatly rewarded, both monetarily and otherwise. There is a high demand for professionals trained in this field in New Hampshire and there is job security for anyone that enters this field. Not only will you be living a comfortable lifestyle as a result of your education and training, but also you will be contributing to the enhanced healthcare for patients everywhere.

A list of average New Hampshire Nursing Informatics / Health Informatics salaries is available below:

Position Hourly Mean Annual Mean
New Hampshire Health Information Technician $15.94 $33,160

BLS.gov 2010

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in New Hampshire:

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Northcentral University
Online Programs:   Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science