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North Dakota Nursing Informatics | Health Informatics Employment Outlook:

Currently in Congress the health care crisis facing this county is one of the main issues. North Dakota is responding to the Federal Government’s push towards implementing electronic medical documentation to facilitate the accuracy and efficiency of communication between healthcare providers, thus increasing the quality of patient care available, making North Dakota an excellent choice in which to pursue your career in health and nursing informatics.

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In North Dakota, as well as worldwide, the largest obstacle to improving the efficiency and accuracy of healthcare is human error in communication. Prior to the availability of electronic medical documentation an the trained health and nursing informatics pro to manage this, handwritten notes, written after the fact, are all that was available to healthcare providers in administering treatment. This has led to a lot of redundancy and misdiagnosis that not only takes up valuable resources, but also could endanger human life.

North Dakota Health Informatics Salary | North Dakota Nursing Informatics Salary:

Salaries for health and nursing informatics specialists in North Dakota are on average 6% higher than the rest of the nation. In a field that already boasts high salaries and excellent working condition, this boost will make your life as a professional in this field highly rewarding.

A list of average North Dakota Nursing Informatics / Health Informatics salaries is available below:

Position Hourly Mean Annual Mean
North Dakota Health Information Technician $14.78 $30,730 2010

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