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Oregon Nursing Informatics | Health Informatics Employment Outlook:

The fields of healthcare and technology are where the most jobs can be found in current day. Positions in these fields are expected to increase in South Carolina and this state deserves your consideration for a place to study and practice as a health or nursing informatics specialist. The improvement of healthcare is important to South Carolina and the professionals trained in this field are respected and rewarded for their contribution to the improvement of healthcare quality.

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Health and nursing informatics is a field that is receiving more attention and support as the focus in congress has been on increasing the availability of quality healthcare for everyone in the United States. It is accepted that to improve the level of accurate and efficient communication between healthcare providers is a huge step in the right of direction for streamlining treatment, limiting redundancy, and thereby making healthcare more affordable. Jobs in nursing informatics are on the rise and expected to continue in this fashion for some time.

Oregon Health Informatics Salary | Oregon Nursing Informatics Salary:

Working conditions as a healthcare or nursing informatics specialist in South Carolina are comfortable and clean. Whether it is a hospital or a private company, you can expect a nice office, decent hours and a lucrative paycheck. Not only could you be rewarded monetarily for your experience and knowledge but also you will be personally rewarded as you contribute to the improvement of healthcare for patients statewide.

A list of average Oregon Nursing Informatics / Health Informatics salaries is available below:

Position Hourly Mean Annual Mean
South Carolina Health Information Technician $15.70 $32,660

BLS.gov 2010

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