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Texas has a demographic that includes a lot of seniors and this causes healthcare to be an especially important issue. In compliance with the Federal Government’s push for states to implement electronic medical documentation in all healthcare clinics and hospitals, there have many jobs open up in Texas in the fast-growing profession of health and nursing informatics.

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There are various opportunities in Texas for the person trained in healthcare and nursing informatics. The hospitals are major employers of informatics specialists, as they need someone on staff to manage and analyze the ongoing implementation of electronic medical documentation devices. There is also an ongoing need in hospitals and clinics for training of healthcare staff to the new tools and processes. As a professional with a lot of clinical background, you would be invaluable to the developmental stage, as it is crucial to create software that mirrors the reality of the nursing process.

Texas Health Informatics Salary | Texas Nursing Informatics Salary:

Salaries and working conditions for health and nursing informatics in Texas are very rewarding. To enter this career would definitely be and upward move for an individual currently working in the healthcare profession. Texas is highly supportive of its professionals trained in the healthcare profession and especially this increasingly important position as a health or nursing informatics specialist.

A list of average Texas Nursing Informatics / Health Informatics salaries is available below:

Position Hourly Mean Annual Mean
Texas Health Information Technician $16.55 $34,420

BLS.gov 2010

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