What Type of Testing or Licensing do Software Developers Need in Idaho?

Idaho Software Development Idustry Outlook:

A software developer needs to have certain characteristics in order to be right for the job. If one would like to try their hand at the development field they must be able to think analytically and creatively. Another thing that one should be ready to do is continue their education. In Idaho, among other states across the US there are certain certifications that one must have before they are considered a software developer.

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Besides a basic high school diploma a software developer needs to have some sort of college degree. Typically a bachelor's degree is wanted but not required for a job. At the bare minimum an associate's degree is needed. Keep in mind however that if a person who has a four year degree and one that has a two year degree are up for the same position, the one with the four year degree will most likely get the job.

With that being said there are different types of certifications that can be obtained in the software development market. Certifications that are in high demand at this point are Microsoft certifications. Microsoft has programs that are capable of working with most computers and having someone on the team that understands how to program and maintain Microsoft software is a definite asset.

There are other certifications that can be obtained as well. One is the project management certification, otherwise known as the PMP certification. This certification demonstrates ones abilities to be able to manage the programs at hand appropriately. Another is the computer aided drafting or CAD certification. This certification goes through various ways to draft different parts of computer programs. In Idaho the certification process is basically the same as any other state. Exams are generally given throughout the year and can be taken more than once. The exams themselves are fairly pricey but are well worth it. Studying for these exams is needed. Being well versed in all areas of the programming processes is strongly advised. Some often say that if you work in the field already, brushing up on certain skills may be needed but most of the practices on the exams are things that are done almost on a daily basis during a typical workday.

In Idaho and job markets in other states it is far easier to get a job with some sort of certification under your belt. It may be tedious and time consuming to study for these tests and even very costly. The expenses that you pay financially and time wise in order to get certified could come back to you three fold in your salary. All in all going through the certification process in Idaho id definitely worth it and your wallet will thank you in the end. Having more than one certification under your belt can make you more valuable and versatile to the company you are working for. Often times a company will pay for further certifications.

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