What Type of Salary Does a Software Developer in Minnesota Make?

Minnesota Software Development Idustry Outlook:

Pay scales differ around the United States for various reasons. Some states or cities may be slightly underdeveloped therefore not allowing them the chance to pay a large salary. The population and the cost of living also have something to do with the rate of salaries. Education and experience also has to do with which end of the pay scale an employee would be starting at either the high or low.

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In Minnesota the salaries for software developers are about average in comparison to other states around the US. The lowest reported salary in Minnesota for a software developer was reported at approximately $46,000. This salary was more than likely for a smaller company and the employee may have been fresh out of school with no real work experience. A person with some sort of certification coming right out of school may earn more in the $50,000 range because of the added certification to their degree. If you are willing to put in the extra time for more education then an employer will be more willing to pay a higher salary.

In Minnesota a software developer with at least some experience even if it is experience from an internship and a degree will typically start a job at approximately $56,000. Generally no certification is needed but a certification along with experience and a degree will make the salary rise even higher. The average reported salary in Minnesota in the software development industry is approximately $70,000. This statistic was based on around ten different salary keeping records in the state. The highest end of the development salary was said to be approximately $85,000. The employees earning the highest end of the salary are more than likely those who have been with a company for a prolonged amount of time and have had numerous hours of extra educational courses as well as certifications under their belt.

Finding out what an employer wants as far as certifications or education may help you get the ideal salary that you would like. There are some employers that will even fund extra educational programs for many of their employees to further their education in the software development field. This is also an out of pocket expense that the employee will not have to pay so it is almost like adding it to your salary. Education as well as the certification exams can be very costly. Gong back and getting various certifications could cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Sometimes an employer will pay for the certifications in order to prevent themselves from having to hire a person with that certification. They are saving you money by paying for the certification and you are saving them money by making it possible for them to not have to hire yet another employee. Instead the employer may actually just raise your salary to supplement for the extra certification.

In Minnesota just like anywhere else the salary will go up after being at a job for a prolonged amount of time. If performance is exceptional a raise in salary may come along even quicker. Not only does tenure affect the increase in salary but so does training and education. Sometimes there are circumstances out of your control that may affect the salary that you are receiving. One of these things is if the company that you are working for starts to lose clients. If there is less money coming into the company there will obviously be less money being paid to its employees no matter what the title.

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