Can You Make a Decent Income as a Software Developer in North Dakota?

North Dakota Software Development Idustry Outlook:

If you live in the state of North Dakota and are interested in pursuing a career as a software developer, one of your biggest concerns is likely about what you can expect to make. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will make any certain salary as a software developer in the state. The actual amount of money that you bring home will depend upon many factors, such as the city in which you work, your years of related experience and experience in the field in general, your educational level, and more. It is possible, though, to look at the average salary for professionals working in this industry in North Dakota.

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That figure is approximately $63,152 per year. However, it's more accurate to look at the average salary range, which goes from around $51,346 to $74,957. Some professionals in the state, especially those in more entry level positions, may make a salary as low as $38,000 or may make salaries in excess of $80,000 per year. Obviously, even when looking at averages, there is a lot of variation in the actual pay that different professionals in the field receive. You might find this confusing, but it can actually work to your advantage. This diversity means that there are always opportunities for you to move up in the field and to increase your salary; you're never locked in to one bad, poorly paying job.

If you are currently working in the field and are dissatisfied with your salary or if you are planning a career and want to know how to make the highest amount of money possible, then there are certain surefire tips that you can try. One of the best ways to increase any software developer salary is to increase your level of education. Most of the working professionals in the field will possess at least a bachelor's degree, though there are some, either in entry level positions or who have worked their way up from entry level positions, who have only an associate's degree. If you fall into this category, you'll find that pursuing a bachelor's degree can equal a significant raise in salary. Likewise, those with bachelor's degrees can choose to opt for master's degrees, and those with master's degrees can choose to opt for related doctoral degrees. No matter what degree a person has, taking continuing education courses or becoming certified n a related, specialist area can also make a huge difference in salary. Be aware, as well, that many employers will pay for workers to further their degrees or to gain accreditation in a related area. So, if you're already working in the field, make sure you bring up your educational goals with your employer.

If you've already obtained the highest level of education you can or if you just don't feel like breaking out the books and going back to school, there are still things you can do to increase your salary. Some, of course, are more drastic than others. In North Dakota, the areas that are less rural, like major cities, tend to pay their software developers better money. That is due, in part, to the higher cost of living in such areas, but also to the increased demand for software developers. If you are really serious about getting a salary change and getting it quickly, then you might consider planning a move to a city where the higher salaries are higher. Another big change, that you'll want to think long and hard about, is finding a job with a new company that pays better than your current job. Of course, these are big decisions, and are not something you should just jump into blindly, so be cautious if you choose to go this route to increase your salary.

Of course, not everyone or even most people are going to want such major changes. Fortunately, for these individuals, there is a tried and true way to increase your salary, and that entails staying put! Obviously, the longer you stay at a certain position and with a certain company, the more opportunities there will be for advancement, and with advancement comes higher pay.

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