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“By focusing renewed attention and resources on research, this bill will ensure that Arizona remains a leader in cutting-edge technology.” --Steven Zylstra, president and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council

This comment was spoken in regards to the recent Research and Development tax credit put in place to stimulate innovation and foster global competitiveness in Arizona-based firms.

For individuals interested in a career in technology in the state of Arizona, there are endless opportunities. There is also not a shortage of schools to earn an IT degree in Arizona. Whether you prefer campus-based or online programs, you have a wide selection of degree programs to choose from.

Featured Campus-based Technology Programs in Arizona

Featured Online Technology Programs in Arizona

IT Resources in Arizona

  • Arizona Department of Commerce Office of Innovation and Technology—Goal is to offer support in accelerating the growth of emerging technology businesses throughout the state.
  • Arizona Technology Council—Arizona’s leading technology membership-based association
  • Arizona Center for Innovation—This organization helps foster the development of high technology companies in Southern Arizona through a disciplined program of business development.

Arizona Information Technology Salaries

Right now in Arizona, the average salary for information technology professionals is at $57,000. The mean salary in the state of Arizona, according to the United States Department of Labor, is $36,260 for 2007. So pursuing a career in technology in AZ would be a cutting-edge move indeed, especially from a salary standpoint.

Across the state of Arizona, information technology salaries vary greatly from region to region. For instance, Phoenix, and surrounding areas like Tempe and Scottsdale likely pay greater than more rural areas like Yuma.

Specific breakdown of Information Technology (IT) Salaries in Arizona

  • Information Technology Professional : $57,000
  • Information Technology Manager : $64,000
  • Database Administrator : $61,000
  • Network Administrator : $57,000
  • Software Developer : $68,000
  • Web Designer : $52,000
  • Web Developer : $66,000

Specific breakdown of Information Technology (IT) Salaries in Flagstaff

  • Information Technology Professional in Flagstaff : $65,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Flagstaff : $72,000
  • Database Administrator in Flagstaff : $68,000
  • Network Administrator in Flagstaff : $65,000
  • Software Developer in Flagstaff : $77,000
  • Web Designer in Flagstaff : $58,000
  • Web Developer in Flagstaff : $74,000

Specific breakdown of Information Technology (IT) Salaries in Phoenix

  • Information Technology Professional in Phoenix : $57,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Phoenix : $64,000
  • Database Administrator in Phoenix : $61,000
  • Network Administrator in Phoenix : $57,000
  • Software Developer in Phoenix : $68,000
  • Web Designer in Phoenix : $51,000
  • Web Developer in Phoenix : $65,000

Specific breakdown of Information Technology (IT) Salaries in Scottsdale

  • Information Technology Professional in Scottsdale : $57,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Scottsdale : $63,000
  • Database Administrator in Scottsdale : $60,000
  • Network Administrator in Scottsdale : $57,000
  • Software Developer in Scottsdale : $67,000
  • Web Designer in Scottsdale : $51,000
  • Web Developer in Scottsdale : $65,000

Specific breakdown of Information Technology (IT) Salaries in Tempe

  • Information Technology Professional in Tempe : $57,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Tempe : $64,000
  • Database Administrator in Tempe : $61,000
  • Network Administrator in Tempe : $57,000
  • Software Developer in Tempe : $68,000
  • Web Designer in Tempe : $51,000
  • Web Developer in Tempe : $65,000



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