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"The metro area [D.C.] is in dire need of qualified candidates to fill technology jobs, both in technology companies and in divisions of our law firms, consulting companies, and virtually all other businesses.”

-- Jay Young, president of the Washington D.C. Technology Council
“Idaho’s High-Paying Software Jobs Growing Again”

As the need for technology jobs in Washington, D.C. continues, there also continues to be a lack of qualified professionals for these fields. If you feel you’re a good fit for the world of IT, you couldn’t choose a better location for job security than the D.C. area. There seem to be more jobs than there are experienced people to fill them in technology. But the first thing you need to do is earn a degree in technology in order to have the necessary skills jobs are looking for and to remain competitive when looking for an IT job.

Featured Campus-based Technology Programs in District of Columbia

Featured Online Technollogy Programs in District of Columbia

IT Resources in the District of Columbia (D.C.)

  • The Alliance for Public Technology—This non-profit organization, based in Washington, D.C., is the top consumer organization that focuses on broadband and advanced telecommunications technologies. 

District of Columbia Information Technology Salaries

In the District of Columbia - DC, the average salary for information technology professionals is at $81,000. The mean salary in the District of Columbia - DC, according to the United States Department of Labor, is $61,500 for 2007.

Specific breakdown of Information Technology (IT) Salaries in Washington, District of Columbia

  • Information Technology Professional: $81,000
  • Information Technology Manager: $90,000
  • Database Administrator: $86,000
  • Network Administrator: $81,000
  • Software Developer: $96,000
  • Web Designer: $72,000
  • Web Developer: $92,000

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