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“Our vision of Kentucky as a high-tech leader is becoming a reality. Bold new entrepreneurs and established global leaders are succeeding in their chosen areas of biotechnology and are doing so in Kentucky.”

-- Gov. Ernie Fletcher, 2006

Kentucky continues to consider the technology industry a main center of focus. In fact, this industry is expanding annually, and always on the lookout for new, experienced IT professionals. If your desire is to seek a job in IT in the state of Kentucky, take the initial step of enrolling in a technology degree program.

Featured Online Technology Programs in Kentucky

IT Resources in Kentucky

  • Kentucky Commonwealth Office of Technology— The Commonwealth is currently engaged in an ambitious effort to transform the management of information technology through shared services and best practices.
  • Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation— KSTC is an entrepreneurial company dedicated to enhancing the capacity of people, companies and organizations to develop and apply science and technology and compete responsibly in the global marketplace.
  • Kentucky Information Technology Center— KITCenter will enable two-year colleges in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to prepare highly skilled information technology workers needed to fill high-paying jobs with existing and new Kentucky companies.

Kentucky Information Technology Salaries

In Kentucky, the average salary for information technology professionals is at $56,000. The mean salary in the state of Kentucky across all professions is $33,490 for 2007, according to the United States Department of Labor.

Specific breakdown of Information Technology (IT) Salaries in Kentucky

  • Information Technology Professional in Kentucky: $56,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Kentucky: $62,000
  • Database Administrator in Kentucky: $59,000
  • Network Administrator in Kentucky: $56,000
  • Software Developer in Kentucky: $66,000
  • Web Designer in Kentucky: $50,000
  • Web Developer in Kentucky: $64,000

Information Technology (IT) Salaries Specific to Lexington

  • Information Technology Professional in Lexington :  $62,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Lexington : $69,000
  • Database Administrator in Lexington : $65,00
  • Network Administrator in Lexington : $62,000
  • Software Developer in Lexington : $73,000
  • Web Designer in Lexington : $55,000
  • Web Developer in Lexington : $70,000

Information Technology (IT) Salaries Specific to Louisville

  • Information Technology Professional in Louisville :  $53,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Louisville : $60,000
  • Database Administrator in Louisville : $57,000
  • Network Administrator in Louisville : $54,000
  • Software Developer in Louisville : $64,000
  • Web Designer in Louisville : $48,000
  • Web Developer in Louisville : $61,000



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