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“The Montana state high technology industry directly employs over 10,000 people with an annual payroll of $429 million.  32 of every 1000 workers in Montana are employed by high-tech firms. Most high-tech jobs in Montana are in the communication and software services industries.”

-- Ken Harper
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A big part of Montana’s workforce is technology, which just continues to grow each year. If you’re interested in this field, the first step is earning a degree in technology so you can remain competitive in the industry.

Featured Online Technology Programs in Montana

IT Resources in Montana

  • Montana Information Technology Alliance—This organization’s objective is to promote and grow Montana’s IT community.
  • Montana Associated Technology Roundtables— These roundtables offer networking and information opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors in Montana.
  • Montana Technology Innovation Partnership— This initiative was developed to promote technology as an economic development strategy for Montana.

Montana Information Technology Salaries

In Montana, the average salary for information technology professionals is at $42,000. The mean salary in the state of Montana across all professions is $31,290 for 2007, according to the United States Department of Labor.

Specific breakdown of Information Technology (IT) Salaries in Montana

  • Information Technology Professional in Montana: $42,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Montana: $47,000
  • Database Administrator in Montana: $45,000
  • Network Administrator in Montana: $42,000
  • Software Developer in Montana: $50,000
  • Web Designer in Montana: $38,000
  • Web Developer in Montana: $48,000

Information Technology (IT) Salaries Specific to Billings

  • Information Technology Professional in Billings :  $40,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Billings : $45,000
  • Database Administrator in Billings : $43,000
  • Network Administrator in Billings : $40,000
  • Software Developer in Billings : $48,000
  • Web Designer in Billings : $36,000
  • Web Developer in Billings : $46,000

Information Technology (IT) Salaries Specific to Butte

  • Information Technology Professional in Butte :  $42,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Butte : $47,000
  • Database Administrator in Butte : $45,000
  • Network Administrator in Butte : $42,000
  • Software Developer in Butte : $50,000
  • Web Designer in Butte : $38,000
  • Web Developer in Butte : $48,000



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