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“I am pleased more Nebraska communities are making efforts to improve their websites. A community’s website acts as its gateway to the world. Websites can be valuable marketing tools and we want to help more communities take full advantage of the opportunities this medium provides.”

-- Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy, chairman of the Nebraska Information Technology Commission

The state of Nebraska continues to make strides towards being on the cutting-edge of technology. With these shifts come more opportunities to find IT jobs in this state. However, to be competitive for these positions, a must have is a degree in IT.

Featured Online Technology Programs in Nebraska

IT Resources in Nebraska

  • The Association for Information Technology Professionals of Omaha—This groups, goal is to provide excellent leadership and education in Information Technology across the state of Nebraska, specifically the Omaha area.
  • Technologies Across Nebraska—This initiative is led by University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension and the Nebraska Information Technology Commission to create awareness and provide education to help local communities, decision makers and citizens as they make decisions regarding their future use of technology as a tool to sustain the viability of their communities.
  • Nebraska Educational Technology Association—This association’s objective is to provide leadership and promote the application of technology to the educational process across all levels of education.
  • Nebraska Agriculture Technology Association—This organization is the state’s grassroots agricultural-based group that has the goal of facilitating on-farm research opportunities, educational programs, and a constant investigation of practical applications for new agricultural technologies.

Nebraska Information Technology Salaries

In Nebraska, the average salary for information technology professionals is at $62,000. The mean salary in the state of Nebraska across all professions is $34,300 for 2007, according to the United States Department of Labor.

Specific breakdown of Information Technology (IT) Salaries in Nebraska

  • Information Technology Professional in Nebraska: $62,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Nebraska: $69,000
  • Database Administrator in Nebraska: $66,000
  • Network Administrator in Nebraska: $62,000
  • Software Developer in Nebraska: $74,000
  • Web Designer in Nebraska: $56,000
  • Web Developer in Nebraska: $71,000

Information Technology (IT) Salaries Specific to Lincoln

  • Information Technology Professional in Lincoln :  $62,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Lincoln : $69,000
  • Database Administrator in Lincoln : $66,000
  • Network Administrator in Lincoln : $62,000
  • Software Developer in Lincoln : $74,000
  • Web Designer in Lincoln : $56,000
  • Web Developer in Lincoln : $71,000

Information Technology (IT) Salaries Specific to Omaha

  • Information Technology Professional in Omaha :  $62,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Omaha : $69,000
  • Database Administrator in Omaha : $66,000
  • Network Administrator in Omaha : $62,000
  • Software Developer in Omaha : $74,000
  • Web Designer in Omaha : $56,000
  • Web Developer in Omaha : $71,000




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