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"The data released by AeA in their Cyberstates report further confirms and validates that the state of Nevada is effectively making strides to diversify the region's economy. Traditionally known for gaming and tourism, we're encouraged to see the data that supports what the industry already knows to be true-- Nevada is a great place to have a high-tech business."

-- Chuck Alvey, president and chief executive officer of EDAWN.

As the high-tech business industry in Nevada continues to climb, so do the number of open positions needed to fill for IT professionals. If you would be successful in the technology field, Nevada is the perfect state to pursue it. Earning an IT degree will increase your competitive edge in this field.

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IT Resources in Nevada

  • Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology—This organization motivates individuals to start their own businesses and connects them with the resources they need to succeed.
  • Nevada Technology News—News service for technology professionals.

Nevada Information Technology Salaries

In Nevada, the average salary for information technology professionals is at $57,000. The mean salary in the state of Nevada across all professions is $36,000 for 2007, according to the United States Department of Labor.

Specific breakdown of Information Technology (IT) Salaries in Nevada

  • Information Technology Professional in Nevada: $57,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Nevada: $63,000
  • Database Administrator in Nevada: $60,000
  • Network Administrator in Nevada: $57,000
  • Software Developer in Nevada: $68,000
  • Web Designer in Nevada: $51,000
  • Web Developer in Nevada: $65,000

Information Technology (IT) Salaries Specific to Las Vegas

  • Information Technology Professional in Las Vegas :  $57,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Las Vegas : $64,000
  • Database Administrator in Las Vegas : $61,000
  • Network Administrator in Las Vegas : $57,000
  • Software Developer in Las Vegas : $68,000
  • Web Designer in Las Vegas : $52,000
  • Web Developer in Las Vegas : $66,000

Information Technology (IT) Salaries Specific to Reno

  • Information Technology Professional in Reno :  $54,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Reno : $60,000
  • Database Administrator in Reno : $57,000
  • Network Administrator in Reno : $54,000
  • Software Developer in Reno : $64,000
  • Web Designer in Reno : $48,000
  • Web Developer in Reno : $62,000




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