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“West Virginia’s Information Technology Industry has grown 33% in the past 15 years. Many companies take advantage of the infrastructure and strategic location – with the lower costs.”

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West Virginia’s IT industry continues to grow and so does the need for experienced technology professionals. Companies are looking for individuals with a degree in IT from an accredited college or university. And this state has plenty of campus-based and online degree programs to choose from.

Featured Campus-based West Virginia - WV - IT Degree Programs

Featured Online Technology Programs in West Virginia

IT Resources in West Virginia

  • West Virginia Office of Technology—This group develops a unified and integrated structure for information systems for all executive agencies and establishes priorities and time lines for addressing the information technology requirements of the various executive agencies of state government.
  • West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation— This organization serves to promote economic change for growing a statewide, regional and national high-tech business sector.
  • West Virginia Office of Instructional Technology—Promotes technology to be used in the teaching and learning process.
  • West Virginia Technology Education— This group aids students in developing technology skills.

West Virginia Information Technology Salaries

In West Virginia, the average salary for information technology professionals is at $59,000. The mean salary in the state of West Virginia across all professions is $31,440 for 2007, according to the United States Department of Labor.

Specific breakdown of Information Technology (IT) Salaries in West Virginia

  • Information Technology Professional in West Virginia: $59,000
  • Information Technology Manager in West Virginia: $66,000
  • Database Administrator in West Virginia: $63,000
  • Network Administrator in West Virginia: $59,000
  • Software Developer in West Virginia: $70,000
  • Web Designer in West Virginia: $53,000
  • Web Developer in West Virginia: $67,000

Information Technology (IT) Salaries Specific to Charleston

  • Information Technology Professional in Charleston :  $61,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Charleston : $69,000
  • Database Administrator in Charleston : $65,000
  • Network Administrator in Charleston : $62,000
  • Software Developer in Charleston : $73,000
  • Web Designer in Charleston : $55,000
  • Web Developer in Charleston : $70,000

Information Technology (IT) Salaries Specific to Morgantown

  • Information Technology Professional in Morgantown :  $59,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Morgantown : $65,000
  • Database Administrator in Morgantown : $62,000
  • Network Administrator in Morgantown : $59,000
  • Software Developer in Morgantown : $70,000
  • Web Designer in Morgantown : $53,000
  • Web Developer in Morgantown : $67,000

Information Technology (IT) Salaries Specific to Wheeling

  • Information Technology Professional in Wheeling :  $54,000
  • Information Technology Manager in Wheeling : $60,000
  • Database Administrator in Wheeling : $57,000
  • Network Administrator in Wheeling : $54,000
  • Software Developer in Wheeling : $64,000
  • Web Designer in Wheeling : $48,000
  • Web Developer in Wheeling : $62,000





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