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Become a system designer / Become a system developer.

The role of designing computer networks and information systems often falls to the employee who bears the title “systems analyst.”  The focus of the job is on network functionality and expansion, or “scaling up.”  One of the principal potholes any business hits is making new software work with old software.  For that reason, system design and development requires a thorough knowledge of network structure and the inner workings of the software used on the network.

System design and development also often includes the design of the in-house network, whether that is in one office or for a global enterprise with multiple offices in multiple countries (working with multiple languages).  Business growth has proven to be a wrench in the works for almost every successful business that relies on computer networks.  Many systems reach maximum growth and management is forced to start over with a new network.  Quality system design and development will come up with a system that is designed to grow without limitations on size or the amount of data being shared and moved.

A bachelors’ degree in computer science, in information technology or in management information systems (MIS) is generally a requirement for job applicants interested in system design and development positions.  These jobs involve network design and also maintenance.  For information systems that provide substantial data for business decision making, an employer is more likely to look for a candidate with some business background or degree combined with technological experience.

all tech schools

Salaries with System design & Development Degrees

Average annual earnings with System design & Development Degrees in May 2004.

  • Lowest 10 % earned $60,810
  • Median $101,500
  • Highest 10% earned $145,600

Hourly wages for related occupations with System design & Development Degrees:

  • General and operations managers $56.60
  • Computer and information systems managers $49.93
  • Computer software engineers, systems software $38.44
  • Computer software engineers, applications $36.97
  • Computer systems analysts $33.44
  • Computer programmers $32.50
  • Network systems and data communications analysts $30.73
  • Network and computer systems administrators $30.63
  • Computer support specialists $20.55
  • Customer service representatives $14.05