How Much Training Does it Take to Become a Technical Writer in Colorado?

If you live in the state of Colorado and are interested in becoming a technical writer, you are probably curious about what type of and what level of training and/or education you will need to have in order to be met with success in the field. The truth of the matter is, however, that this really varies for everyone. Just as training and educational requirements met will vary from person to person, they will also vary from job to job and from one employer to the next.

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With that said, however, there are ways to get a surefooted start in the industry. Just about any kind of associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree will work, but you will want to make sure, if you go this route, that you do so in a subject that you are extremely interested in and enjoy dealing with. As a technical writer for a specific subject, you will deal with that subject and be expected to know many various aspects of it on a daily basis. Common majors for technical writers include medical studies, legal studies, engineering, chemistry, biology, mathematics, pharmaceutical studies, and many others. Your best bet is simply to choose what you are passionate about.

A lot of people think that the best route to entering into the technical writing field in Colorado is simply to get a degree in professional and/or technical writing. While you certainly can do this if you choose, do be aware that many employers may actually find such a degree to be limiting. Often times, they will frown upon the fact that you have only studied the writing aspect of the profession, and perhaps the technological aspect, but not actually spent a lot of time studying the content area.

For this reason, one of the best balances you can strive for is to have formal educational training or, at the very least, some real world experience in the area which you hope to write about, as well as general training on the ins and outs of technical writing. One great combination is to get an associate's, bachelor's, or higher level degree in your area of interest and then to complete a simple training program, many of which can be done online ,in general technical and/or professional writing. If your entry into the field does not look exactly like this, however, don’t worry. People enter into technical writing with extremely different educational, personal, work, and training backgrounds.

These tips are definitely things to keep in mind if you have yet to embark upon or are just starting out in your education and training. If you are further along in the process, however, do not think that you have to change directions completely or start from scratch. Part of being a good technical writer is learning to roll with the punches and to play up what you do know to potential employers, instead of focusing on where you are lacking.

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