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Technical Writing Job Outlook for Technical Writers in Delaware

Delaware residents who are considering possible careers as technical writers will be happy to know that there are a ton of awesome opportunities in this field in the state right now. In an economy where people are getting laid off left and right and even the most educated are finding it hard to land a position for which they are qualified or even overqualified, the technical writing profession is still alive and well- more than that, it is thriving, but in dire need of qualified professionals. Therefore, if you have what it takes to make it in this field, you are essentially guaranteed a job, and that job will more than likely include a lucrative, above average salary, good benefits, and a lot of freedom and choice.

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Of course, you will notice that we mentioned above that these opportunities are for those who “have what it takes,” but what does this mean exactly? Well, in the technical writing field, it can actually mean a lot of things. First of all, though, it usually refers to subject matter or content area expertise. What this means, in simple language, is that you know your stuff, whatever that stuff may be; it will vary from one writer to the next and even from one writer to the next. A prospective engineering technical writer, for example, would need to have studied engineering and the engineering industry extensively in order to have success.

Real world experience is also important, but oddly enough, it isn’t the kind of experience most people think of. Experience as a technical writer is actually not all that important. Just about anyone with a fundamental grasp of the English language can be trained to write technically and to do so well. This means that what really matters is you have both studied, as discussed above, and then actually worked in some aspect related to your particular content area. This kind of experience will serve you very well in job interviews. If you don’t have and can’t get formal work experience soon enough, then an internship is a great way to stand out above the competition. Internships can be paid or unpaid and may sometimes even be taken for college or university credit. You can complete them while you are a student, after graduation, or even without having any kind of formal educational training to speak of.

Of course, none of this is said to underestimate the importance of being a good technical writer. Just because most jobs are willing to train those inexperienced in actual technical writing does not mean that they want to. You can give yourself a serious edge by learning the ins and outs of the technical writing profession, especially if you know all about the different computer programs and other technological aspects involved in the field. The more of the positive traits discussed here that you can combine, the better your chances of being employed in the field.

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