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Illinois Technical Writing Salary

If you are interested in going into a career in technical writing in the state of Illinois, then you are probably curious and have questions about a lot of different things pertaining to the field. Overwhelmingly, however, those with an interest in technical writing often want to know what they can expect to make each year in terms of salary. The truth is, however, that it really just depends, and on a lot of different factors. There is no one, set salary that any technical writer is ever going to be guaranteed, and you really shouldn’t choose the type of writing work you will do based on salary alone anyway.

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One big factor that can have an impact on salary is the capacity in which you work as a technical writer. What is meant by this is essentially whether you work as your own boss, choosing and finding projects on your own and setting your own rates and working hours, or whether you work as an employee for one specific person or business. Some technical writers will even do both. Oftentimes, successful freelance technical writers tend to make more, but this is a double edged sword ,since it is much harder to be successful and find work as a new freelance technical writer than it is as a typically employed technical writer.

Of course, the exact kind of technical writing that you do can also play a large role in how much money you will bring home each year. Some of the top paid professionals in the industry are medical technical writers, pharmaceutical technical writers, research technical writers, computer programming technical writers, information technology technical writers, and scientific writers, specifically in the fields of chemistry and/or biology. However, you can’t pick what you are interested in or what you know based on salary alone.

Another thing that can impact your salary is where you live and work. Those living in large, busy cities, such as Chicago, tend to make quite a bit more than those working in more rural areas. This is partially, of course, due to the higher cost of living in such areas, but also to the fact that the larger the city, the more need and demand there is for technical writers. While you won’t want to pick up and move just to make a little more money, that morning commute you have been dreading might just be worth it after all.

As you can see salary for technical writers is quite the fickle thing. So many factors can have an impact on your salary, and the cards can change in an instant. What you write about can go from being the bottom of the barrel of technical writing to the next big thing in a minute flat, and vice versa. That is why it is so important that you don’t put salary at the top of your list of importance. You need to be doing something you love and enjoy, because that is what will sustain you in the end.

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