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Becoming a Technical Writer in Iowa

Iowa residents with an interest in careers in technical writing will be happy to know that this particular industry is positively booming in the state. Even in our troubled economic times when others are being laid off left and right, lucrative positions are constantly opening up for qualified technical writers. If you are serious about landing a job in the technical writing field and are willing to commit yourself to whatever it takes to find success, then you can definitely land one of these coveted positions. Your first step toward that goal is a simple one. You should begin your journey toward becoming a technical writer by spending some time researching and learning all you can about the basics of the field. Far too many people enter into educations or even careers in technical writing without this basic educational foundation.

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As you conduct your research, you will soon realize that technical writers can work in a wide variety of different capacities, a fact that is surprising to many newcomers to the field. While researching, be sure that you note down any job descriptions that you happen to come across that sound interesting to you. Later, you can go back through these references and spend some time learning about the job requirements and common backgrounds for the position in technical writing that you wish to have.

The reason that you should devote all of this time to researching before you really do anything is because, once you know what exactly you want to do in the field and what things can help you to get there, you will have a much easier time tailoring your educational, training, and experiential learning paths to meet your career goals. Just remember that the better you prepare yourself now, the more likely it is you will be met with success in the future.

No matter what technical writing job or area you choose, know that you can benefit from education. In fact, this tends to be the single most determining factor when job applicants are considered. Keep in mind, though, that your education doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. You can get a simple associate’s degree, a basic bachelor’s degree, or even an advanced master’s or doctoral degree in your content area, or you can opt for training or a degree specifically in professional and/or technical writing. Whatever you do, just be realistic about the expectations you are placing on yourself and about how well your current educational plan matches up to your career goals.

Outside of a formal education, real world experience is also incredibly helpful in landing a job. While we can’t all have jobs in our content areas before we begin our technical writing careers, it is possible for everyone to take on an internship of some kind in the related field. Internships can be paid, unpaid, or even taken for college credit in some cases. You can find them through your college or university or by searching yourself.

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