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Is Louisiana Good for Technical Writing Careers?

Louisiana residents with an interest in pursuing careers in technical writing often wonder if they are making the right decision. While many people are drawn to the field and feel that they would be truly invested in it and enjoy the work, people, especially in this economy, also have to worry about salary, job security, and other facts of life. The good news, though, is that Louisiana technical writers, for the most part, enjoy a salary that is well above the average for all professions across the board. Essentially anyone who works hard and possesses the right combination of education and experience can make money, and quite good money, as a technical writer.

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Job security, however, is a different issue. This is not to say that job security among technical writers in the state isn’t good, but it is a bit complicated. What you have to first understand is that the vast majority of technically writers are essentially self-employed. Most commonly, they are contract employees for a number of different employers, and thus their jobs and the rate of work that they have are often not consistent. A lot of people are not accustomed to such an inconsistent lifestyle and thus quite working in technical writing not long after they start. Others often quit or are let go on projects for which they are not qualified. This makes job security look poor, but it is actually not; it is usually just poor preparation on the part of many technical writers.

For those few technical writers in the minority who actually do have steady employment with one employer, job security is excellent. When people tend to find a good, capable, reliable technical writer that they can work well with, they tend to stick with that person. Obviously, then, half of the battle for you as a technical writer is just to find the right employer match. Not only should your working styles match up, but also your personalities.

One thing that you can do to greatly increase your chances of finding success and having a good experience in the technical writing field is to be adequately prepared from the start. This might sound simplistic, but the biggest and the most common reason that people experience difficulties in the field is because they were not adequately prepared for the nature of the work. You can keep this from happening to you with nothing more than a little research.

Your journey toward becoming a technical writer should start with you simply researching and familiarizing yourself with the field as a whole. Learn about the day-to-day working life of most technical writers, their responsibilities and expectations, and the wide variety of capacities in which they can work. If at all possible, observe or shadow a technical writer who does a job that is as similar as possible to the job that you would one day like to have for yourself. When you think you know the field inside and out, it is time to start taking a deeper look at the various careers in it that interest you.

Before you apply for any kind of technical writing job or embark upon any kind of educational path, it is imperative that you know all that it involves and what the requirements and necessities are for working that job. If you are prepared and know what you are getting into, there will be no ugly surprises to derail you, and you can simply enjoy and benefit from working the job you have always wanted to work.

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