How to Get a Technical Writer Job in Missouri

If you live in the state of Missouri and are interested in finding a technical writing job, then you should know that this is an incredibly smart and commendable endeavor. Technical writers are in very high demand all throughout Missouri, and as such, those who possess the qualifications, training, and/or experience it takes to get hired enjoy lucrative, above average salaries, great benefits, and excellent job security. All of these things are, of course very hard to come by in today’s troubled economic times, giving you even more reason to consider seeing your career dreams to fulfillment.

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Of course, though, even with the very high demand for technical writers in the state, you still have to be qualified to land a worthwhile position. In this case, qualified usually means having a formal education, having had some kind of real world training or experience, having a combination of both. These are not things that are hard to come by if you go about it in the right way, but they are definitely things that you are going to require to have success in the field. So, get serious about it now.

As mentioned above, education is often a big part of landing a technical writing job. While it certainly isn’t a requirement that you have a degree to work as a technical writer, having one can greatly increase your chances of employment and long-term success in the industry. You can choose, if you wish, to get an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or even a master’s degree in general technical and/or professional writing. Keep in mind, however, that though such a degree is respectable, many of today’s employers are actually preferring their workers to have degrees or courses of study in the content area which they will be writing about, as opposed to actual technical writing training.

This would mean that a person interested in doing chemistry technical writing, for example, would have to major in chemistry. This might seem counterintuitive, but it is a trend in the industry for employers to feel that basic technical writing skills, such as the mechanics of grammar and proper formatting, can be taught by them or other employees more easily than content area knowledge can.  So, know that your chances of finding employment quickly are greatly improved if you choose to earn any level degree in the subject which you hope to write about.

Typical college degree programs are certainly not for everyone though. For some people, a simple training or certificate program is all it takes to find success in the field. Such programs can vary significantly in length, with some programs lasting no more than a few weeks. If you are considering such a program, your best bet is to pair your certificate with real world experience in the field. While it would be ideal if you had worked any kind of job, even the most entry-level position, in the field of your interest, but if this is not a real possibility for you, an internship is an excellent second option. Internships are experiential learning opportunities that allow you to work and behave just like you would in a real position with a specific company or workplace. These internships can be paid, unpaid, or even taken for college credit. They vary in length and responsibilities involved, but for the aspiring technical writer, there is nothing more beneficial. Interns will not only have the opportunity to learn useful skills that can serve them in their careers, but they are also able to build up their resumes and make important connections.

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