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Montana Technical Writing Education

If you are interested in becoming a technical writer in the state of Montana, then one of your best bets for success in the field is to seek out an education. It is important to note, however, that there are a wide variety of different educational paths you can take toward becoming a successful technical writer. In other words, there is no real “right” or “wrong” way to go about your education. Instead, it is just about finding what works for you- what you can realistically complete and what will help you to reach your own unique career goals.

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Of course, planning to meet your career goals will be a whole lot easier if you know exactly what they are. If you don’t already have firm goals in place for your professional life, there is no better time to create them than now. Sit down and spend some time researching the technical writing field in general and, when you’re ready, learning about the different careers available for technical writers. As you notice careers you think you might be interested in having, note the requirements for those careers. When you find a career that you like and that you could realistically meet the requirements for, this will likely be your best match, and when you know that match, it is easy to map out your education according to your goals.

For a lot of people, going to school and getting an associate’s degree, usually completed in about two years on average; a bachelor’s degree, which takes around four years on average; or even a master’s degree, which varies in the amount of time it takes to earn, often around one to three years, and requires a pre-requisite bachelor’s degree, in technical writing. Such a degree will teach you about the ins and outs of the technical writing world and will school you in grammar and form. Of course, though, not everyone will choose this particular educational path.

For some people, studying technical writing just doesn’t sound all that exciting, even though it is what they want to do eventually. These individuals often prefer to earn their degree, any level they desire, in the content area they will be writing about. So, a person interested in writing biology related technical pieces, for example, might major in biology. Other common majors for technical writers include chemistry, pre-med or general medical studies, pharmacology, engineering, computer information technology, computer programming, and many others. Sometimes, these educations might be supplement with coursework or certification programs in technical writing, but generally, most employers are more than happy to provide general technical writing training to those with degrees in the content area.

Not everyone feels cut out for earning an actual degree, however. After all, higher education can take years to earn, and is challenging, time consuming, and often expensive. If you don’t feel that college is the right choice for you at this time in your life, you can still get an education. There are many online programs and college and university offered programs that are brief and do not result in an actual degree, but that can provide you with training and even a certificate in technical writing. These are a great, quick, and affordable choice for many.

Experience is another way into the field. If you can somehow come by it without earning your education, then you can have success in the field. Even an entry level position at a job for which technical writers are hired can help you to get your foot in the door and make connections that can lead to the job you want.

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