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Nevada Technical Writing Salary

The latest data, collected from Indeed, a popular job search site, shows that Nevada residents who work as technical writers are still earning salaries that are well above the average for the state. In fact, there has been no decline in the average salaries earned by Nevada technical writers, despite the troubled state our economy is in and the reductions in salary that have been experienced by others in other professions. As of right now, the average salary for a technical writer in Nevada is approximately $57,000 per year. However, keep in mind that “average “ means that many professionals made well above this amount, and some made well below. The good news is that there are things you can do to put yourself on the higher end of the salary spectrum.

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First of all, keep in mind that your exact job title and responsibilities have a bearing on the salary you will bring home. While you certainly won’t want to choose a job based on just the salary alone, you can certainly take your earnings into consideration as you choose and apply for jobs. Also, the funny thing is that some job titles will automatically earn you more money, even if your responsibilities are similar to those of another, less well paying job.

Those who have the highest salaries in the technical writing industry tend to be procedure writers, who make an average salary of around $86,000 per year. They are followed by senior technical writers who earn about $74,000 each year, and then by specification writers with an average yearly salary of about $72,000 annually. In the sixties range for the year are proposal technical writers, ringing in at $66,000; business analyst technical writers at $62,000; and technical writer editors at $61,000. Then comes technical writer trainers, with their average yearly salary of $59,000, followed by technical writer documentation specialists and general technical writers at the average rate of $57,000. Information technology (IT) technical writers fall just slightly below average at $51,000 annually, and are followed by technical editors and writers at $47,000. Then comes junior technical writers at only $39,000. The good news, though, is that these writers have a lot of room to move up and earn more money. The lowest paying positions in the field include field relations coordinators and assistant sales representatives, both of them earning only around $27,000 per year; and client development representatives, who make an average yearly salary of $24,000.

Of course, there really is more to it than just job title alone, so don’t get too discouraged about where your job or prospective job falls on the above list. One big factor that can influence your salary is your education. Generally speaking, the more formal educational training you have, the better. You’re in an especially large amount of luck if your degree just happens to be either in technical or professional writing or in the content area for which you write about. Remember, too, that it is never too late to go back to school and, oftentimes, your employer will even help to finance all or part of your education. Even those who have already reached a high educational status can make the decision to continue their educations with coursework, certification classes, and more. Remember that technical writing is a vast and ever evolving career field. Thus, the more you can learn and stay up to date on the latest developments, the more invaluable you will be to your employer, which can, in turn, increase your salary and have you be first in line for promotions and raises.

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