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What are the Wages for a Technical Writer in New Mexico?

In the beautiful state of New Mexico, the majority of technical writers enjoy salaries that are well above the state average for professions across the board. What’s more though is that they also tend to enjoy great job security, something that is becoming increasingly difficult to find in today’s troubled economic times. Part of the reason for this is because it is so difficult to find qualified technical writing professionals in the state, so once an employer lands a good one, they tend to keep that writer on board.

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While there is no way to say for certain what your exact salary would be should you choose to become a technical writer, we can take a look at the average salary in the state. That figure is about $41,787 per year. Of course, you can make well above or well below this amount, dependent upon several different factors. If you are not salaried, but are instead making an hourly wage or if you are just curious about the breakdown, the average hourly rate for technical writers is a very high $20.83 an hour. Everyone, of course, wants to do what they can to be on the higher end of the salary spectrum, and the good news is that there are some surefire tips for top earnings.

First and foremost, you will want to take a look at where you stand educationally. Education is one of the single biggest factors impacting salary in the technical writing industry. If you don’t have a degree, then you are undoubtedly making less than you could and should be. Just springing for a simple associate’s degree in technical writing or in the content area, which can usually be achieved in about two years, can increase your salary dramatically. Likewise, opting for a bachelor’s degree if you have an associate’s under your belt, or a master’s if you’ve already earned that bachelor’s, or even a PhD if you are up for a challenge can be a smart financial move. Even if you have a high level of education, opting for continuing education coursework or a simple certification can help to improve your earnings. What’s more is that many employers will finance all or part of your education, usually with the stipulation that you continue working for them for a set amount of time after completing your education.

If you don’t feel like opting for more schooling, changing where you work is another option. Larger cities in New Mexico tend to have a much greater need and demand for technical writers. So, when they hire them, they tend to pay them more money than they would get paid in more rural areas. While some of this increase is, of course, due to the higher cost of living in cities, it is still enough to make a real difference. While you probably won’t want to move across the state for a pay increase, it might be worth it to consider making a daily commute if possible.

Despite all of these tips and tricks for higher salaries, though, nothing increases your earning potential more than increasing your value to your employer. And the only real way that you can do that is by proving yourself to be a hard and dedicated worker. You will want to stay with the same employer for as long as possible to build up trust and a relationship of reliability. From there, if you work consistently hard every day, you can be certain that you will always be thought of first when the time comes for a raise.

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