How to Become a Technical Writer in New York

New York residents who would like to become technical writers should know that their state is an excellent place for them to be. It is absolutely brimming with wonderful educational and experiential learning opportunities for them to take advantage of. Of course, these opportunities won’t just fall into your lap, however. You have to be proactive and willing to work hard in order to have them work for and benefit you. The good news is that the process of becoming a technical writer in the state is fairly, simple, straightforward, and above all, flexible.

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You should begin your journey toward becoming a technical writer with a bit of simple research. Sit down and spend some time learning about the technical writing field in general. Read as much as you can about the industry and, if at all possible, talk to and learn from other professionals in the field, ideally those who are doing jobs that you are especially interested in and that you think you might like to have yourself someday. Make sure you also take note of the many different career options available to technical writers in the state of New York; contrary to popular belief, technical writers do not all work in the same capacities. When you find jobs that you have a strong interest in, take the time to learn not just about them and the work that they entail, but also about the preferences and requirements for these specific professionals. Knowing this information ahead of time will help you to create and base your educational and other endeavors around the job that you wish to have in the field, thereby increasing your chances for success in this industry. Just know that the more you prepare yourself now, the better your chances of landing the job you want in the future will be.

When you are done with the researching phase of your journey and are ready to take some real action, education will more than likely be your first and your most important step. You will need to decide, first of all, what kind of education it is you need to pursue. Most prospective technical writers will need to either get a degree of some level in technical and/or professional writing- different institutions call it different things- or a degree in the content area for which you want to write. You can earn an associate’s degree, which generally takes about two years on average; a bachelor’s degree, which usually requires a commitment of about four years; a master’s degree, which takes around one to three years on average and requires a prerequisite bachelor’s degree; or a doctoral degree, which requires a prerequisite master’s degree and can take as long as seven years to earn.

In addition to considering what subject and level of degree you wish to pursue, you will also need to give some thought to what type of educational institution you wish to attend, and to which one is the most realistic for you and your lifestyle. For some people, community colleges or technical schools are smart choices. These institutions typically offer only associate’s degrees, are cheaper than traditional colleges and universities, and tend to be geared toward busy, working adults. Traditional colleges and universities will work for many, and some will even benefit from online schools. With all schools, but especially with online schools, you need to be particularly careful to avoid scams. Always make sure that any school you deign to attend to is fully accredited and legitimate. Go so far as to check the accreditation status yourself when possible.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in New York:

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