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Oregon Technical Writing Jobs

If you live in the state of Oregon and have ambitions of becoming a technical writer, you might be surprised to learn that there are a wide variety of different jobs that you can choose from in the state. When most people think of technical writers, they think that they all do the same things and work in the same ways, but this is actually not the case at all. There are actual several different types of technical writers, and they each have their own unique roles and responsibilities. Many people enjoy this flexibility and choice immensely.

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Engineering technical writers are quite common in the state of Oregon. These professionals work, of course, with engineers in a wide range of capacities. They might help write and/or explain plans for buildings and establishments, create advertisement texts, or help to write instructions and other important information in a way that is easy to understand. Many technical writers working in this field are actually retired or otherwise former engineers themselves or have extensive educational backgrounds in this complex industry. Rarely are people hired for these positions that have only technical writing degrees, since extensive content area knowledge is required to be competent and successful.

The computer field is ripe with opportunities for skilled technical writers. There are computer programming technical writers, information technology technical writers, software design technical writers, and many more. These professionals might write code, help to create software, write instructions for various computer programs, and much more. As with engineering technical writers, they tend to need a lot of training in the content area, not just in technical writing itself. These jobs are also some of the most highly paid positions in the technical writing field, which is one of the big reasons why more and more people are choosing to go into it.

Speaking of today’s modern and increasingly computer oriented world, there are also virtual technical writers, whose main jobs include creating and writing code to design websites, creating content for websites, advertising, and more, all dealing with the online world. While these technical writers do need to obviously be familiar with working online and with various publishing and internet tools, a background in just technical writing itself will usually suffice. Most technical writing programs out there today cover these kinds of equipment and how to go about properly using them in and for the workplace.

Some technical writers work in education as well. They might, for example, create textbooks for use in mathematics, science, arts, or English classrooms. As with most positions in the field, these jobs do written, which is usually done from notes and other documentation provided by professionals. Other educational technical writers might work to write up research, create lesson plans and study guides, and much more. These professionals are sometimes counted as state employees and, when this is the case, they tend to enjoy excellent benefits in addition to very lucrative salaries and good job stability, even in this difficult economy.

Technical writers might also work in the medical industry, helping to type up studies and trials, and to pen information about various conditions and issues affecting the medical community. Others work in pharmacology, often writing information and ad copy for various medications and their proper uses. The science industry, especially chemistry and biology, also frequently employs technical writers as well.

As you can probably see from the job choices presented here- and there are literally hundreds more- essentially any skills or educational background can be put to use in the technical writing world. Chances are, if you have a degree of any kind, you can use it in your work as a technical writer. So, before you take the plunge and embark upon any kind of educational or training program, always be sure to take a realistic inventory of where you are now and of what you have already accomplished and of how you can put it to use for you in the workplace. Keep in mind too that actual working experience can also lead to employment and success as a technical writer. Make your past and your future work for you in this exciting, challenging, and growing field.

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