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How to Become a Technical Writer in Texas

If you have an interest in pursuing a career as a technical writer in the state of Texas, then there is certainly no better time than the present to do something about that interest. Technical writers are in very high demand in areas throughout the entire state, and as such, those who are qualified are usually snapped up quickly, paid quite well, and also get to enjoy excellent job security, even in today’s difficult economic times. The good news too is that there are lots of different ways in which to enter into a technical writing career, so you can customize your journey to meet your needs and lifestyle.

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No matter who you are, though, you will want to start the process of becoming a technical writer with some honest self reflection. Look at where you are in your life, your education, and your current career, whatever that may be, right now. Are you really ready for a serious career change? If you answer yes, then think about why you have decided upon technical writing. This is not a career you should go into just for the money or anything else. It is difficult, often demanding work, and you should only do it if it is because you feel, after careful, honest assessment, that you would really enjoy the work and excel at it.

How honest you are in your self assessment will become evident later as you take the many, often challenging steps toward becoming a technical writer. For now, though, your only job at the beginning, after you self assess, is to research. Learn absolutely all that you can about the technical writing field. If at all possible, meet or at least speak with a professional technical writer, someone who has been working in the field for many years and who does a job you find interesting and desirable. Ask questions, seek advice, and even arrange job shadowing if possible.

When you know the basics of the field, dig just a little bit deeper. Start exploring the many different capacities in which technical writers may work; many people are surprised to learn about just how many different ones there are. When you find a career that interests you, learn about the preferred educational backgrounds and experience of those professionals. When you find a career for which you can realistically meet the expectations, then you’ll know you have met your match.

After you have some firm career goals in place, mapping out your education and other endeavors becomes quite simple. The good news is that there are lots of great community colleges, trade and technical schools, and traditional colleges and universities located all throughout the state of Texas that you can choose from. There are also online schools all over the world offering a variety of useful programs; just make sure that any school you choose, but especially any online school, is fully accredited so that your degree will actually be worth something.

You might decide to earn a technical writing degree to start. These degrees, which are also sometimes called professional writing degrees, will serve you well in the field. Degree programs of any level can teach you about the history and the current status of the technical writing industry, technology and tools you will use in your daily work, various jobs you can have, types of technical writing, grammar, spelling, formatting, and so much more. You can earn a simple associate’s degree, a basic bachelor’s degree, or even an advanced degree, like a master’s or a doctoral degree, depending upon what your chosen institution has to offer.

Of course, not everyone will major in technical writing specifically. If you so choose, you can earn a degree in just about any content area, so long as it employs technical writers on a regular basis. Right now, there are successful technical writers with educational backgrounds in just about anything you can imagine. Common courses of study include the arts, English, engineering, medical studies, anything that is related to computers, mathematics, all of the sciences, pharmacology, advertising, and so many others. Just remember, pursing an education will and should open you up to a world of possibilities.

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