How to Become a Technical Writer in Washington

Washington residents who aspire to become technical writers should know that having a career in this field is actually a lot easier than most people think. In fact, it can be accomplished in just a few, very simple steps, which we will discuss here. It is important to keep in mind, though, that there are many different ways to earn a career in technical writing, so your particular path doesn’t have to, nor should it, look identical to anyone else’s. In fact, one of the best and smartest things you can do is to make your journey toward becoming a technical writer your own.

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You can start your journey, first off, with some simple self-reflection. Go somewhere nice and quiet and make a list of your reasons for wanting to become a technical writer. This is especially important if the decision is a really big one for you, such as if you are leaving behind a past career in order to pursue it. You should read through your list carefully when you are done, honestly assessing the validity of each of the reasons that you have listed. If your reasons include things like loving writing or enjoying working alone, then this is good. If they are all about salaries and benefits, though, you might want to start rethinking your choice.

Once you’ve done the self-reflection, if you still feel that you are well suited to a career in technical writing, then your next step is to get down to some cold, hard research. Take the time to learn about the field in general. Read up on the latest developments in technical writing and about the various jobs available. The information you find about various careers leads into the next step of your journey.

Hopefully, as you were researching, a few jobs jumped out at you as ones that you might like to have yourself one day. If none did, then it might be a good idea to rethink your choices once more; after all, you should be interested in and excited about at least one career in the technical writing industry if you are really going to be a technical writer. Your next job is to learn about the jobs that interest you the most. Don’t just read up on what they entail, though this is important, but also learn about what is required of employees who do that job, or in other words, what they must do to land the job they want.

When you have some firm career goals in mind and know the requirements to realistically reach your goals, then planning out your education and whatever else you will need to do to get there becomes so much easier. You can essentially plan everything you do now around what it is that you want to do professionally in the future. So, take out your research as you look at schools and other endeavors and plan away as much as needed.

Education is really the route that most successful technical writers take, but what exactly that education will look like will vary significantly from one person to the next. For some people, a degree, at whatever level, in technical writing and/or professional writing, as it is sometimes referred to as, is the answer. For others, a degree in the content area for which they wish to write is the right choice. Just be honest with yourself about which type of schooling is the best fit for you and which one you will actually complete. Remember, there are no wrong answers at this stage of the game.

After you are thoroughly educated, experiential learning is a good and often quite necessary next step. Taking on an internship is probably the best and the most effective way to build up your resume and to make important connections in the technical writing field that can later or even immediately prove to be important to and valuable for your career. Just make sure you treat your internship seriously- for best results, just act as if it is a real job, but make sure your attitude always says you are excited to learn.

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