It’s essentially impossible to define a technology industry today, simply because technology is an important component of every industry.  The financial analysts consider the Telecom sector to be information technology.  Computers run automobile plants, drive trains and design DNA.  If technology fascinates you, unless you want to work in software or networking product development you can probably choose just about any industrial sector of the economy and find a technology component to study.

The technology industry has made an enormous contribution to the graphic arts and film making and has created the video game industry.   A person with some innate artistic ability could find work in any of those industries along with the advertising business by developing computer-aided art, animation and multimedia skills

If you are interested in the business of business, a degree in management information systems (MIS) will put you in a position to participate in the fundamental decisions businesses make on an annual basis.  Developing budgets; determining sales tactics and targets; examining risk and acquisitions, even personnel decisions are made through the examination of data.

If you are working for a company and have hit the wall or the ceiling – whichever stands in the way of advancement – look around you and see where the company utilizes technology.  Look for technology that changes often, that morphs into more advanced versions of itself, and that requires specialized skills to maintain.  There you may find opportunity.  Break in as a data administrator or a desktop/network repair specialist and learn the system inside out.  Because regardless of the business, the growth of the role technology plays in it is virtually assured.  There’s no reason you can’t grow with it.

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