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Educational technology degrees are becoming more common since computers are such a necessity in todayís technology-driven world. In a nutshell, the field of Educational Technology is the practical use of modern technology, particularly computer technology, to advance the twin goals of teaching and learning in the K-20 classroom. An educational technology degree is first and foremost a teaching degree, aimed at preparing students to get certified to teach in the state which they reside. The vast majority of professionals in this field are K-12 teachers and technology coordinators.

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Training and Courses

Technology Education courses typically include the following topics:

  • Analysis, assessment, and technology
  • Educational research methods
  • Principals of instructional design
  • Applying learning theories
  • Curriculum design and evaluation

Educational Technology Salary

According to www.payscale.com, the salary for instructional technologists ranges from about $40,000 to around $65,000. Factors such as geographic location, years of experience, level of education, and workplace setting all greatly influence salary in this field. For instance, elementary school teachers who specialize in educational technology tend to make at the lower end of that salary range; while training managers at large companies tend to make toward the top of that range.

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Salary by State

Educational Techologists are oftentimes educators but sometimes trainers in a corporate setting. The goal of an educational technologist is to integrate technology into both the learning and the teaching process. Educational Technologists make different salaries depending on the state they reside. To see an average breakdown per state, view the list below. These numbers, derived from www.indeed.com, are just estimates and donít include every educational technologist job in each state.

Alabama : $60,000
Alaska : $52,000
Arizona : $48,000
Arkansas : $60,000
California : $55,000
Colorado : $50,000
Connecticut : $60,000
Delaware : $54,000
District of Columbia : $66,000
Florida : $53,000
Georgia : $61,000
Hawaii : $42,000
Idaho : $47,000
Illinois : $58,000
Indiana : $54,000
Iowa : $54,000
Kansas : $50,000
Kentucky : $49,000
Louisiana : $54,000
Maine : $40,000
Maryland : $59,000
Massachusetts : $63,000
Michigan : $57,000
Minnesota : $50,000
Mississippi : $61,000
Missouri : $54,000
Montana : $41,000
Nebraska : $51,000
Nevada : $52,000
New Hampshire : $47,000
New Jersey : $61,000
New Mexico : $67,000
New York : $66,000
North Carolina : $56,000
North Dakota : $53,000
Ohio : $55,000
Oklahoma : $51,000
Oregon : $56,000
Pennsylvania : $53,000
Rhode Island : $55,000
South Carolina : $46,000
South Dakota : $50,000
Tennessee : $55,000
Texas : $53,000
Utah : $47,000
Vermont : $50,000
Virginia : $63,000
Washington : $54,000
West Virginia : $67,000
Wisconsin : $43,000
Wyoming : $64,000

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