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Because computers and computer functions are so inbred in today’s business world, technology has become a part of business decision making as well as a tool for data management and communication.  Computers can build business models and provide a platform for endless tweaking and fine tuning for a business plan.  They can graph sales and monitor inventory, which in turn dictates purchasing plans.  The data provided by a computer is the raw material from which business budgets are constructed every year.

As the computer has taken a seat in the corporate boardroom, many businesses are looking for people who have a combination of formal business training and technological know-how.  There are a number of MBA programs that combine the two fields for this developing professional niche.

One school that graduates MBAs with information technology specialization has coursework that covers the business basics such as financial management, managerial accounting, project management and business strategy.  Mixed in with those courses you will find database operation and design, e-business practices and ethics, managing IT projects and networking operations.

The same school with the MBA/IT degree also has an MBA program with a “Management, communication and quality” focus.  That is probably code for how to maximize the use of computerized customer information and sales data, among other things.  Another (online) school offers an MBA/e-business and an MBA/Technology Management.  Different schools mix technology with business from a variety of perspectives, but the result will be the same: a resume that will get you through a lot of doors.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, starting offers for graduates with a master’s degree in computer science averaged $62,727 in 2005.  Entry level management positions in information management should be very similar.

Management consulting has become a major business opportunity, in part because the technology being integrated into business practices is developing so rapidly.  Many successful companies with established management do not have people at the top who have kept pace with the tools and markets at their disposal through technology.

Information technology (IT) management has become a lucrative field for people who are qualified to enter it.  Generally, IT has become a part of the business decision making process.  Business databases are driving business decision making by virtue of their sophistication.  Sales and market behavior can be broken out and analyzed closely; customer relations management (CRM) software has become an important part of many business operational structures.

Moreover, the e-commerce has become a mainstream market that no business can afford to ignore.  Traditional companies will hire IT management experts to help design intranets or company web sites.  If it suits the business, they will pursue establishment of an online sales outlet.

The reverse is true also.  Internet startup companies hire IT management professionals to help overlay a traditional business structure for a firm that has a lucrative web site but no infrastructure to handle customer management, the HR needs of a growing firm; and the database structure critical to business decisions.

Most IT management professionals have a degree in computer science, in information technology or in management information systems (MIS).  Perhaps the best of all possible degrees for information technology management is an MBA with a technology specialization.  Experience can offset the shortage of formal education somewhat, particularly with firms that are wrestling with a specific network and software combination.  In most cases however, a bachelors’ or masters’ is needed to make headway in this profession.

all tech schools

Salaries with Technology Management Analysts Degrees

Average annual earnings with Technology Management Degrees in May 2004.

  • Lowest 10 % earned $37,680
  • Median $63,450
  • Highest 10% earned $120,220

Related occupations with Technology Management Degrees:

  • Management, scientific, and technical consulting services $72,480
  • Federal Government 72,440
  • Computer systems design and related services 69,800
  • Management of companies and enterprises 59,420
  • State government 48,070