California Visual Communication Schools

California Visual Communication Industry Outlook:

Do you plan to get rid of your computer or your television any time soon? If you answer is “no” then you see the importance of visual communication already. California is known for its visual beauty, and is one of the best places to be if you are trained in visual communications. This state has endless possibilities and Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees will be put to immediate use. In this entertainment state, a smart choice may be to specialize in the ethics of visual media. Specialty job titles in Visual Communication in California include:

  • Corporate Art Director
  • Layout Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Senior Designer
  • Design Director
  • Director of Online Marketing

california visual communication schools

Popular company McAffee has a California address. Other successful companies include Metro – Goldwyn-Mayer, Behr Paint, Bank of America Clorox Company, DIC Entertainment and well-known leader – EBay. Also interested in visual communication technology is Gap Inc., Levi Strauss, Sega of America, Lucas Films and Lucas Arts. Icon Mobile has an opening for a Visual Designer in Los Angeles and Intuit in looking for a Senior Visual Designer. Full-time positions offered in California:

  • Art Director (San Francisco)
  • Visual Designer (Mountain View)
  • Visual Designer (Menlo Park)
  • Audio/Visual Production (Torrance)
  • Full-time Visual Merchandising (Costa Mesa)
  • Graphic Designer (San Clemente)
  • Well-rounded Web Designer (San Francisco)
  • Art Film and Media Instructor (Stockton)
  • Interactive Creative Director (San Diego)

California Visual Communication Salary and Working Conditions:

A simple job search under visual communications will yield hundreds of results – those with education and experience will be able to negotiate benefits and incentives better. Many undergraduate and graduate programs will have information and assistance for visual arts jobs abroad.

A list of average California Visual Communication salaries is available below:

Position Annual Salary
Flash Banner Designer $80,000
Packagin Development $92,000
Art Director $50,000
Layout Designer/Art Director $54,000
Source: 2009  

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in California:

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