Virginia Visual Communication Schools

Virginia Visual Communication Industry Outlook:

Visual technology has given us the chance to communicate with people all over the world. Media devices that perform multiple functions have given convenience and speed and whole new meaning. Every commercial, print advertisement or Internet site has educated professionals and advanced computer programs behind it. Education in this growing field can be easily applied in the areas of broadcasting, photography, product development and Internet commerce. Job titles in Virginia Visual Communication include:

  • Copywriter
  • Communications Specialist I, II, or III
  • Corporate Communications Developer
  • Digital Communications Specialist

virginia visual communication schools

Interesting Companies with headquarters or locations Virginia State are Honeywell International Polymers, Motley Fool (that’s not a typo) Newport News, DuPont (6 locations in VA), Sentara, Hopewell and Phillip Morris. Potential industry employers include television or radio, government agencies, technology product companies, management, or consulting firms. Full-time Virginia Visual Communication positions offered:

  • Animator/Designer (Arlington)
  • Web Designer (Richmond)
  • Web Developer (Fort Belvoir, Fairfax, Sterling, Arlington)
  • Art Director (Harrisonburg)
  • Interactive Art Director (Arlington)

Virginia Visual Communication Salary and Working Conditions:

As technology advances the field of communications will be further broken down into specialty positions. There are temporary and short-term contract positions now available with many government agencies or government service providers. Basic programming is often asked for and a large number of recruiting firms and ‘head hunters’ are actively seeking every level of experience/education in visual communication.

A list of average Virginia Visual Communication salaries is available below:

Position Annual Salary
Web Designer $94,000
Senior Developer $95,000
Junior Developer/Designer $58,000
Interactive Art Director $100,000
Source: 2009  

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Virginia:

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