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Wyoming Visual Communication Schools

Wyoming Visual Communication Industry Outlook:

How often do you leave home without your cellular phone or media device? How many days pass that you do not use your computer or look at a television? You are actively participating in visual communication every day. Businesses want to get notice and companies want to sell their products. Getting attention is first priority and competition has created innovation with fascinating technological advancements. Job titles in Wyoming Visual Communication:

  • Art Director
  • Personnel Recruiter
  • Scenic Designer
  • Arts Administrator
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Media Planner/Analyst
  • Newsletter Editor

wyoming visual communication schools

Top industries to pursue communication careers are Advertising, Communication Education, Journalism, Broadcasting, Government, Public Arts or Public Relations. Successful companies and potential employers include McAfee Inc, Tribal Software, Software Solutions, Morgan Stanley, Border Food Company, Advanced Integrators, Boeing, BlueCross/Blue Shield and First Interstate Bank. Full-time Wyoming Visual Communication Opportunities include:

  • Marketing Manager (Cheyenne, WY)
  • Web Developer (Sundance, WY)
  • Communications Internship (multiple locations)
  • Web Solutions Sales Consultant (Cheyenne, WY)

Wyoming Visual Communication Salary and Working Conditions:

There are thousands of web based businesses based out of Wyoming. Internships and entry-level positions that offer training are available right now. Virtual offices and cyber-commuting are becoming more popular which gives flexibility and convenience along with competitive wages.

A list of average Wyoming Visual Communication salaries is available below:

Position Annual Salary
Visual Merchandiser $46,000
Virtual Secretary $75,000
Technology Sales $110,000
Education Consultant $38,000
Source: Indeed.com 2009  

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Wyoming:

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Online Schools:

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Liberty University
Online Programs:   Master of Arts in Promotion and Video Content , Master of Science in Social Media Management , MBA: Strategic Media and Digital Content , more...