Jobs in Visual Communications

Visual Communication is an exciting career field that involves using creativity to convey a message to an audience. This field, in a nutshell, involves communicating a message using visuals. These messages can inform, or persuade, a group of people to feel a certain way or do a certain thing. Visual communication products also use a visual "call to action" which provides the purpose of selling a product or service. For example, the call to action may be at the bottom of a flier or email blast and indicate “to learn more, call the number below”.

Technology is only one tool involved in what visual communications professionals do. The mind is far more important than any computer or program that will ever exist. The initial idea a visual communications professional has is the key to a successful end-product and what they get paid for; technology is secondary in this profession. The ideas are typically sketched out initially, and then a computer is used to bring them to fruition.

Visual communication careers fall into a large umbrella that includes graphic design, art, multimedia, and commercial/advertising photography. Graphic designers use computer software to create images, logos, banners, and other designs in order to convey a message. Commercial or advertising photographers take pictures in a way that conveys a message. If you are a creative individual, who pays close attention to detail, a career in visual communication may be for you.

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Steps to take if interested in a career in visual communication

If you are interested in a career in this field, earning a degree in visual communication is the first step. Sometimes this degree is housed in a school’s technology department but more oftentimes it is housed in the communications department because of the psychology behind creating a marketing message to influence people.

Job Titles

There are a number of different job titles that all fall under the visual communications umbrella. Below are a few examples.
  • Commercial/Advertising Photographer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Creative Services Director
  • Art Director
  • Communication Designer
  • Commercial Artist

Day in the Life of a Visual Communication Professional

Below are examples of individuals who have careers in visual communication and their experiences and viewpoints about the field.

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