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Visual communications used to be limited to such tools as billboards, print ads and television spots.  Today the term is used more often with respect to the various online functions that can be described as utilizing visual communications.

There are several routes to a role in enterprises that rely on visual communications.  Many students in fine arts programs that specialize in graphics arts will end up in some sort of web design, development or maintenance function.  Other Degrees in might range from multimedia & animation, and digital design.The internet is becoming a major retail platform and the graphics involved in product presentation are important. 

There are a number of IT Associates’ Degree and certification programs in graphic design.  This level of education in the field is essentially for entry level jobs that primarily make use of the technical skills you have learned. Because the Internet has become a primary first contact with potential clients, many businesses increasingly rely on their visual communications specialists to develop the content during web development as well as provide the technical skills to put that content in context and online.

Today, graphic design really doesn’t exist without some sort of computer use.  For that reason an IT major with visual communications emphasis provide the job candidate with a couple of skills that traditional graphic designers – sketch artists – don’t have.  People in the visual communications business must stay current with graphics software updates and new programs that are introduced in the field.   For that reason many people who play a role in visual communication or who want more responsibility in that area might consider certification courses for software programs – particularly when updated versions are released.

all tech schools

Salaries with Visual Communication Degrees

Average annual earnings with Visiual Communication Degrees in May 2004.

  • Lowest 10 % earned $35,500
  • Median $63,840
  • Highest 10% earned $123,320

Related occupations with Visual Communication Degrees:

  • Multi-media artists and animators $94,000
  • Art directors 71,000