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How to Become a Web Designer in California

California residents who are also prospective web designers will be happy to know that there are lots of wonderful opportunities for them right in their own state. These opportunities include related educational paths, internship and job shadowing opportunities, and lots of employment opportunities for those who are qualified and experienced in the field. An education really is one of the biggest qualifications for successfully working as a web designer in California. While not all employers will require you to have a degree from an accredited college or university, the vast majority of them will. Plus, keep in mind that these jobs tend to be quite competitive, so you won’t want to do anything to hurt your chances of landing one.

california web design schools

Your education doesn’t have to be some long, drawn out thing, not in the least. In fact, many people fare quite well in the field with only an associate’s degree, which can typically be earned in as little as two years, often from a community college or a trade or technical school. These institutions frequently gear their class schedules toward working adults and those with other responsibilities, so almost anyone can realistically attend. What’s more is that these institutions are generally much more affordable than traditional colleges and universities. Once you’ve earned your associate’s degree, you can decide, at a later date, to transfer any earned credits to an accredited bachelor’s degree program.

Of course, some students will choose to earn their bachelor’s degree all at once, from an accredited college or university. A bachelor’s degree is the most commonly held degree among professionals in the field, and most of the best jobs in the industry ask or even require that applicants have at least this level of education. Bachelor’s degrees take, on average, about four years to complete.

Once you have a bachelor’s degree under your belt, you can apply for a master’s degree if you wish. While this higher level degree is not required for most professions in the field, it can greatly help your chances at some of the most prestigious positions available. Master’s degrees are also a good option for those who have earned an undergraduate degree in a field unrelated to web design, but who now want a career in the industry. That’s because many master’s degree programs are willing to accept students from diverse academic backgrounds.

No matter what level of degree you choose to pursue, California has many great accredited colleges and universities that you can choose from. There are also a wide variety of online colleges and universities. You can attend these, which many people find to be very convenient and less time consuming, as long as they are fully accredited. If you do go this route, be sure to check the school’s accreditation status yourself, as there are a lot of scams in the online world. Despite this, however, there are also a lot of good, legitimate institutions to choose from, based all over the United States.

Some in state schools that have programs in web design or related areas include The Art Institute, with locations in Sacramento, San Francisco, Hollywood, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire, and Sunnyvale, and The American Animation Institute, in North Hollywood. There’s also the Animation Academy in Burbank, and the Animation Design Center in Iomita. Other top choices include the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, the Academy of Entertainment Technology in Santa Monica, the Art Center College of Design in Sacramento, California College of Arts and Crafts in San Francisco, and many others.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in California:

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