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Connecticut residents who wish to pursue careers in the web design field often wonder whether they will need a related degree in order to find work. There is no easy answer to this question. The employer is the only person who can decide who to hire and who not to hire, and whether or not having a degree is necessary to do a particular job well. Many people do work in the field with only experience to back them up, but this is getting harder and harder to do. In the past, people could be hired for basic, entry-level positions with only high school level knowledge of web design. They would be trained and then, if they were good, offered the opportunity to move up. In today’s fast paced world, though, few employers want to spend time training new employees. That is why more and more of them are requesting that job applicants hold relevant degrees.

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Keep in mind, too, that a degree does more than just show that you have studied in and have knowledge of the field. It also serves as proof that you know how to finish what you start, and that you can commit yourself to something and work hard at it. Degrees send so many good signals to potential employers that they really are a good investment for anyone who is serious about succeeding in this field.

You can choose from many different degree levels and majors in the state. Associate’s degrees, for example, will only take the average person around two years to complete. These basic degrees can give you a quick and easy start in the field, and also tend to be quite affordable to earn. Others will choose to pursue bachelor’s degrees, which take a more intensive look at the field, or even master’s degrees, which are essentially a ticker to getting the most prestigious jobs in the entire industry.

As mentioned above, you don’t have to major in web design specifically either. There are many other major areas, like art, graphic design, computer design, animation, industrial design, and more, that will all serve you well in the field. In order to find the right major for you, you can simply spend some time learning about the different jobs in the industry. Eventually, you will find one you want to pursue and can research more to learn about the educational backgrounds or preferred educational backgrounds of most people in that position.

When you’ve done the decision making and are ready to choose a school, you’ll have one more, very important choice ahead of you— and that is what school to attend, since there are many fine choices in Connecticut. One very popular one is Central Connecticut State University, in New Britain, which offers degree programs in graphic design and in information design, or even a dual major. Other top choices include Central Connecticut State University, in New Britain, Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, and many other fine choices.

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