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Is Louisiana Good for Web Design Careers?

The web design field is one that more and more people are currently trying to enter into, and for good reason. This industry is booming, and there is a severe need for strong, qualified professionals all throughout the nation. This is particularly impressive in a time where people in other professions are being laid off left and right. Whats more is that web designers tend to make salaries that are well above the national average, to enjoy excellent job security, and also have the benefit of being involved in a vibrant, constantly changing, and important profession.

louisiana web design schools

Louisiana residents, in particular, will be quite happy to know that Louisiana is no different in these regards. In terms of salary, job security, and work availability, it is a great place to be. Even if you are not yet a web designer but plan on becoming one, Louisiana is an excellent starting point, because it is home to so many fine educational institutions offering programs in the field. So, no matter where you are in your professional journey, know that you can make your dreams come true and reach your goals right here in your own state.

Letís first look at salary in Louisiana. The average salary for web designers living and working in the state is approximately $59,000 per year. This salary is above the average across all professions, and it is important to note that many web designers make quite a bit more than this, dependent upon job description, title, and responsibilities. The average senior UX designer in the state, for example, brings home an annual salary of around $78,000 per year. Basic software designers receive around $69,000 each year, and web UI designers get just slightly less at an average of $61,000 yearly.

Job security is also good, with few people being laid off. Plus, many professionals in the industry are self-employed, meaning they control when they work, their rates, and whom they will work for. These contract or freelance web designers are, in essence, their own employers, so getting laid off or fired isnít an option. Another great thing is that Louisiana has lots of openings for a variety of different types of work in the field. Itís just up to you to meet the qualifications, usually education and experience wise, for a particular job. If you can do that, then itís easy to get your foot in the door and to start working right away.

Some areas of the state, of course, tend to have more openings for web design professionals than others. Areas which tend to have a particularly high need for web designers include New Orleans, Monroe, Bermuda, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, and Gretna. If you donít live in or near any of these areas, however, donít worry. With a little persistence, you can find a job wherever you happen to be. Whatís more is that many positions allow employees to work virtually, so you can take on some jobs from anywhere in the world.

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