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What Types of Web Design Equipment is Used in Michigan?

In the state of Michigan and throughout the rest of the nation, web designers will be required to know how to properly use various types of equipment in order to get their jobs done. The exact equipment that is needed will vary somewhat from person to person and from job to job, but there are definitely some basic pieces of equipment that every web designer should have and will not be able to get through even a day of work without. Some jobs will provide certain types of equipment, so you should always check with your new or prospective employer before making a purchase yourself. Freelancers, however, are generally on their own when it comes to purchasing equipment.

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All web designers will, of course, need to have a good computer. Hands down, this is the most important and necessary piece of equipment for you to have. Any sturdy, reliable brand will do, and you can choose from a variety of operating systems. Many web designers claim different operating systems work better for certain types of projects, but it is up to you to choose the one that is best for you and that you feel most comfortable working with. Windows and Macintosh are, by far, the most popular operating systems, and a select few web designers will prefer to use Linux. Make sure, whatever computer and operating system you decide use, that everything is up to date and current.

It is also important for web designers to have a good HTML web editor. This is where most of the actual designing process will take place. Different freelancers swear by different web editors, just as they do with operating systems. You will, once again, need to do some real research and consideration to choose the editor that is the best fit for you, though many freelancers use multiple editors, alternating between one editor for a particular job and another editor for a different job. Popular options include Dreamweaver, which can be quite costly but is known for having all the bells and whistles (and then some) you could ever need. Those who are just starting out and/or who are looking to save money might consider free products, like Kompozer. Some designers wonít purchase or use professional text editors at all, but will instead use computer features like Text Edit and/or Notepad to type in codes.

A good graphics editor is also a must for many web designers. These editors can help you to do everything from designing unique and complex graphics to simple tasks like cropping or resizing photographs. Photoshop is, of course, a common choice, but there are many other comparable programs out there as well. You can also opt for free programs which can be downloaded off of the web.

A strong, reliable graphics printer can also be important, especially if you plan on saving samples of your work for a portfolio, which you should be doing anyway. Make sure you find a printer that is capable of properly displaying all of the colors and features of your work and making it look its absolute best. Likewise, youíll want to have a good quality scanner for storing your work on the computer, and donít forget a nice computer backup device to save your work in a way that makes it easily accessible to you no matter what happens to your other pieces of equipment. This can be something as simplistic as a USB drive or emailing your files to yourself, or it can be as high powered as buying specialty backup software.

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